Municipal Planning and Development Office



Securing Data from the Municipal Planning and Development Office




Data about the Municipality and its development plans are available at the MPDO


This includes:

·         Socio Economic Physical Profile

·         Land Use Plan

·         Economic Development Data

·         Maps

·         Other Municipal Statistics




1. Inquiry

        Client approaches frontline personnel for referral to the person-in-charge of the data being requested.

2. Verification of Available Information/Data

        Person-in-charge verifies available data. In case, requested data is not available, client is referred to other probable source of data.

3. Access to Information/Data

       Person-in-charge process data requested by clients.

4. Review and Verification

     Person-in-charge reviews and verifies the data to be given to the client.

5. Documentation of Requested Information/Data

     Client signs-in the logbook for record purposes. 



Securing Certificate of Site

Zoning Classification/Zoning Certificate




SITE ZONING Classification is requested to verify if a proposed project site complies  with the Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP)


The CLUP and Zoning Ordinance was last updated during the year 2010 and approved year 2013.



·         Letter  Request/Intent addressed to the Zoning Coordinator/Mun. Planning and Development Coordinator.

·         Letter of Intent (additional copy addressed to Sangguniang Bayan) for attachment record.

·         Lot Plan with vicinity map drawn to scale signed by a Geodetic Engineer

·         Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Deed of Sale

·         Real Property or Tax Declaration

·         Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment latest

·         Special Power of Attorney of land owner’s authorized representative, if any

·         Certification Fee




1. Proceed to the MPDO

      Applicant goes to the MPDO frontline personnel and ask for the requirements 

2. Submission of Request Letter

      Applicant submits letter of request addressed to the Zoning Administrator together with the above requirements 

3. Review and Verification

     Applicant wait while MPDO staff does research, review and verification.

4. Issuance of Certificate

     Applicant receives the Certificate of Site Zoning Classification 


Securing Zoning Clearance

For Business Permit




ALL ENTERPRISES are required to secure a Zoning Clearance upon application for  business Permit to ensure that the enterprise is allowed in the chosen location as per the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). And  other relevant zoning and land use ordinances.



·         Barangay Clearance to Operate Business

·         LEASE Contract between the Lessor and the Lessee if leased

·         Business Name Certificate (DTI business certificate)

·         SSS Clearance

·         Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Deed of Sale

·         Real Property Tax Declaration

·         Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment

·         Locational Clearance Fee





1. Proceed to the MPDO

      Applicant goes to the MPDO frontline personnel and state his purpose

2. Review of Documents

     Zoning official reviews the computer print-out from the Mun. Treasurer’s Office and check the location of the business against the land use plan. 

3. Site Inspection  (Optional)

     If site inspection is required, frontline officer refers the same to the Zoning official or their authorized representative.  Site inspection is usually required

     for the enterprises. 

4. Processing Documents

     Frontline personnel Processed and records the documents

5. Approval

     The Zoning Administrator approved the clearance and signs the computer print-out 


Securing Locational/Zoning Clearance for Building Permit


About the Service


This done before the start of construction to ensure that the building/business is allowed in the chosen location as per the Land Use Plan  (CLUP)




  • Application form for zoning Clearance – 3 copies
  • Building Plan duly signed by a Civil Engineer, Architect– 5 sets
  • Perspective duly signed by an Architect – 5 set
  • Lot Plan – 5 copies
  • Bill of Materials – 5 copies
  • Specifications –5 sets
  • Transfer Certificate of Title or Deed of Sale – 5 copies
  • Real Property Tax Declaration – 5 copies
  • Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment 5 copies
  • Approved SB resolution for reclassification in projects that fall under other classification
  • Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC), when applicable
  • If is not owned:

-          Contract of Lease – 4 copies

-          Authorization to Occupy Lot

  • Neighbor Consent – when applicable


Add’l. requirements for communication tower


  • Height Clearance
  • Certification from NTC/Nat’l. Transportation & Communication
  • Radio Frequency Radiation
  • Contract of Least



1. Accomplishment of Requirements and Assessment of Fees

       Applicant fills up the application form and has it notarized. Zoning Official assesses the clearance fee to be paid.   

      Applicant proceeds to the Treasurer's Office

2. Submission of Requirements.

       Applicant goes back to the MPDO with Official Receipt and submitted all requirements 

3. Review and Verification

       Applicant waits while Officer-in-charge review and verifies the submitted requirements.

4. Preparation of Locational Clearance

      Officer-in-charge prepared, processes and records Locational Clearance.

5. Approval of Locational Clearance

       Applicants wait while Officer-in-charge secure the signature of the Zoning Administrator 



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